VPG Group Inc. is an information technology (IT) consulting company founded on the belief that information is the backbone of modern business and improving information technology (IT) improves business by driving innovation, productivity and growth. Our goal is to provide quality IT services at an affordable price so that our clients can achieve immediate and quantifiable return on their investment (ROI). VPG Group Inc. is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise.


Commitment to Quality is the basic philosophy at VBG Group. One can see the stamp of Quality in every act we perform, be it recruiting a resource or managing an entire project. The principles that govern our commitment to Quality are: Evaluate and Exceed Customer's Expectations Add Value to All of Our Customers Competitive Pricing Without Compromising on Quality Performance Evaluation Identify Issues to Address with Clients Follow-up Action

Our Team

VPG Group has a team of talented, enthusiastic and highly motivated people from a diverse cultural and ethnic background. The team comprises of tech-savvy professionals and astute business professionals who are exposed to international work culture and are recognized for their professionalism and work ethics. The team is led by highly qualified and experienced managers with decades of industry experience.